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MTG600 Trunk Gateway

Protocol interface: standard SIP 1.0/2.0 protocol; PRI network side/user side; R2. Voice codec: standard G.711A/U,G.723.1,G.729A/B.iLBC supporting VAD(Voice Activity Detection), CNG (ComfortNoise Generation), JitterBuffer and EC. Hardware interface: two FE0/FE1 interfaces connecting to L3/L2 exchange of IP metropolitan area network (MAN), also called business interface or network management interface; several E1/T1 interfaces (support 1/2 E1/T1 interfaces, 4*E1/T1 optional). High compatibility: capable of intercommunicating with different manufacturers softswitch system. Carrier-class access equipment: multi-routecontrol,interval control, call forbid, call numberlimit, number replacement. Security guarantee: system won’t be disturbed by any virus and provides a good certification mechanism to protect user’s interests. Hot standby: double power supplies ensure thesystem runs normally & reliably.
MTG600 series is a kind of digital trunking gateway based on embedded operating system. It supports standard SIP protocol, with large-capacity carrier class telephone trunking gateway functions. Currently it supports 1/2 E1/T1 interfaces and can realize intercommunication with mainstream manufacturers softswitch system, and interwork with carrier’s local Telephone exchange by PRI interface.