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AGIntera – IVR Transacional para Issabel y Asterisk

AGIntera SystemAGIntera IVR is a software designed for use by telephone and belongs to the family of Integra Center.

AGIntera IVR to configure applications that will be operational flows that a user remains in the menus of the phone call.

In each of the options, the user has the option to perform actions such as navigating through menus, collect data, validate accounts, activate code, check balances, consultation, consult statements, outstanding check receipts and payments, see transactions, loans and payment calculations and so on.

The user makes a phone call to a phone number, the phone provider routes the call to the telephone exchange (PBX) of the institution or company, the telephone exchange (PBX) identifies that the call should be routed to the IVR AGIntera , it receives the call and processes the steps or actions previously configured, once the operational part of the IVR, you can hang up the call or be transferred to an agent of the spotlight.

AGIntera IVR for each transaction allows an interface is established between the phone call and a central body, the central body authorizes the transaction to be performed, for example, a user selects the balance inquiry, the telephone service making the request of IVR AGIntera who makes the application to the business of the company containing the required information and return the securities or phrases that the user wants to learn or process.

AGIntera IVR allows user interaction through spoken text, a technology that converts strings of words to a synthetic voice, which makes the results of the consultations are not tied to pre-recorded phrases, unless these are converted into the time and dynamically.

The system can perform different activities, the most important note below:

  • Centralized management and configuration of campaigns
  • Management of incoming calls through DNIS
  • Menus Unlimited IVR options • Access to external data sources such as:
  1.   Web Servicios
  2.   Store Procedures
  3.   Custom Development
  • Administration and configuration of outbound campaigns
  • Monitoring and alarm channels or phone lines
AGIntera IVR using Windows. Net Framework 3.5 and its services can be installed on a Windows Server 2008 x86 or x64. It also uses a database SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

The phone call is received by a telephone installed in a Linux server, this is the front to the service provider and receive phone calls via analog connections, digital or VoIP, the PBX sends the call to application server via a TCP connection. Make use of the Microsoft SAPI TTS (Text to Speech) to provide the ability to move text to voice messages that are delivered by the system to provide end-user response to the system.

This technology allows Microsoft TTS to use several commercial male or female voices in the market according to customer’s specific need and the desired language provides answers to customers. TTS voices created by leading providers in this service as Cepstral, Loquendo and NeoSpeech and have been tested and implemented within our IVR solution.

Give your company or organization the possibility of using this important resource for managing their customers and users, write or contact you to arrange a product demonstration.

  • IVR AGIntera: Windows Service that contains the interface between the database and management tool for configuring the system in general.
  • IVR AGIntera Manager: desktop application that connects to the previous service to perform administrative tasks and settings. · IVR AGIntera Watcher: Windows service used to monitor the status of the above services, should not be running, this service is responsible for initiating the execution of these.
  • AGIntera Agent: desktop application that will be used by call center agents and displays user information previously collected by the IVR which serves as a reference and personalized to the client, avoiding request the same information twice.
Through these processes automated information users can query, update information, express opinions and process electronic transactions.

The system allows to interact with database engines from MySQLMicrosoft SQL and Oracle, allowing you to create stored procedures that query or update information.

With the aim of enhancing the scope for the system, it lets you interact with web services, “Web Services” for purposes of consultation, amendments and updates to other information systems.

The interaction of AGIntera limit depends only on the each type of business and creativity that users have the tool administrators to automate their business processes.

One of the major strengths of our product is that it allows the user to enhance administrator, after proper training, the ability to create all the IVRs that require the business without relying on a third company that will provide the service.