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ITSales Benefits

Soporte1. A team of highly dependable. Our team, committed and ethical, is supported by the record of success that has been built on our customers for their years of experience in management and administration support infrastructure.

2. Prior knowledge. Market rate of software and hardware technology companies use for their operation, which gives great value for the support we provide to our customers.

3. A great experience. Especially in the management of business relationships with suppliers of hardware, software and services, enabling us as a company to generate extra benefits to our customers.

4. Knowledge Base. Which is previously acquired by all our staff, which is available to our customers.

5. Centralized management. Technical knowledge through information tools, where the same is shared by all the resources of ITSales transmitting this as a benefit to our customers.

6. Technical Support. Supported by the entire team at ITSales and not a single technical resource hired by the client. Including if necessary at any particular time the company so require and upon agreement of the parties, the appeal site can be supported by one or more resources from ITSales that are located in other customers to carry out specific work offices of the same.
7. Cost reduction. All that indirect costs are: disability, insurance, food and other benefits that companies typically offers its employees, which with the passage of time become vested.

8. Decreased risk. Loss of knowledge in the management of technology infrastructure. This occurs by monitoring and documentation of the work that we offer on the human resource, so if for some reason it is necessary to replace the resource, knowledge base management would be under ITSales and not only exercise the resource, which we can transmit the appeal to be replaced.

9. Inter benefits companies. Where the common relationship that customers have ITSales through companies that are part of our portfolio can generate some synergy to support each other or even create business opportunities. For example you can monitor networks and services cross each other to achieve system redundancy check availability of services and servers. Another example is that could possibly support to a specific need for hardware or software that a company requires a temporary basis.

Of course the most important part for us is enabling our customers to focus their efforts on business goals without having to worry about the technical and infrastructure management, having the peace of mind that has a team of high quality in its IT management.