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Flash Operator Panel for Asterisk (Eng)

Flash Operator Panel for Asterisk

For receptionists

Developed with the mind of a receptionist. All actions are available in two mouse clicks.

* See who is available or not.
* Transfer directly to the destination extension, voice mail or external numbers.
* Ability to collect the sounds of phones.
* Manage and view the parked calls.
* Search and filter real-time extensions (ideal for large companies with hunderds of extensions).

For call center supervisors

Not only can you view the status of the extension, but also a snapshot of the queues.

* See agent connected in a queue.
* See agent status (paused, log, invalid).
* Refer all calls waiting in the queue with your timer.
* Manage Agents: add, remove or pause queue members.
* Filter list of extensions to the members of the tail with just one click.
* Spy or whisper to their agents.
* Start recording on the hard calls.

For end users

It is not necessary to be a receptionist or run a call center to take advantage FOP2 features, allowing you to control their own calls, even before you pick them up!

* Notifications of calls (caller ID number and name, called the tail).
* Directory integration, live search or call any number on it.
* Phone support:. Enter the phone and get the phone number or direct VoIP call ..
* Control mode: to transfer, hang up, disk, etc.
* Conference of control: the lock, invite, kick and silence, speaking of detection.
* Presence-set up and view your presence status.
* Chat IM: Instant Messaging and integrated notes without additional software or demons.
* Voice Mail Explorer: view and listen to the voicemail right from your browser.

FreePBX (Trixbox, PBXinaFlash, Elastix, DebPBX) support

The software comes with pre-built configurations for FreePBX. That self configures. No need to touch configuration files. If you need the special configuration settings or features you can always set yourself. The devil is now compatible with # Exec configuration files, so you can write shell scripts to automatically configure custom panel. Just reload the service and rerun the script and restore the configuration. There is also a management module for FreePBX features FOP2 right Web GUI FreePBX.

Scalability and PBX

FOP2 was rewritten from Scatch with scalability in mind. Currently used in large hosting environments, monitoring up to 400 through 6 PBX Asterisk servers without missing a beat and delivery status to clients instantly. With only one server instance can monitor FOP2 almost unlimited extensions on any number of servers.

To really BIG phone systems, you can scale up to 600 FOP2 control buttons per customer. Note that the client (PC) which has the limitation. The faster your PC or your browser’s JavaScript engine, the more buttons you can work on one screen. But 640 buttons should be enough for everybody, right?


It runs in the browser. You can open and manage the phone system, even from Internet. This software makes it ideal for virtual call centers. The design can be modified easily, since it is a regular and well-commented the website. Do not like the style or color? You can edit the file. Css to your liking. Works on any modern web browser.

Fine-grained permissions

FOP2 has its own access control system. Each user has access to actions from within your extension. A flexible licensing system allows the administrator of the grant of the capacity for action to all users, so that a user can not be allowed to perfrom actions at all, while another may originate calls, and supervisors can spy or whisper . Every action has a permit may be granted or not all users.
multiple tenant. Multi Server.

FOP2 can monitor multiple Asterisk servers. It also lets you configure settings to display a group of extensions or lines as you see fit. Each context has its own set of users and permissions.

Here is a list of screencasts to showcase some of FOP2 features. Expand them to full screen for a better experience.

Basic User Interface

Queue Management Options

Speech Recognition Demo

Idle Timer Plugin Demo

Utilizando FOP2 en un Contact Center (webinar in spanish)

Utilizando FOP2 en un Contact Center from Elastix Training on Vimeo.

Simple Wallboard Plugin Demo