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Core team


A. definitions:

1. Response time: up to the maximum time the client may wait for a request meets depending on the classification of the same.

2. Number of Applications: Corresponds to the maximum number of requests to be handled by the core team for the same customer depending on the classification of the same.

3. Emergency: Corresponding to service requests made ​​by the customer to solve a major technical problem that has no operation to the enterprise or part thereof.

4. Research: It is for research applications by the customer for a new technology or requirement by a new project.

5. Implementations: Includes projects implementing a new technology or customer requirement.

6. Remote Support: This is a remote support request by the technical team which is where the customer to attend an internal service request for any valid reason can not be served by the crew.

7. Site Support: This is a request for support in place to address an internal service request can not be resolved by the technical team in place for any valid reason and that is pre-planned.

B. Types of Applications: We make five types of applications:

Note: The maximum time per visit for appeal is 4 hours of care, if it exceeds 4 hours is counted as a second attention.

C. collisions:

In the event of conflict by collisions of client requests for service requests will be handled as follows:

1. The request was entered first will be served by the specialist area as appropriate.
2. The second request will be answered by any of the other two resources according to their greater experience and under supervision and remote support specialist.
3. The possibility that three scenarios are presented the same type simultaneously or to a start date is very low, but this fourth position will be staffed by a fourth resource from another area of ​​the organization.
4. When the number of cases of collisions of applications is often present, NetSol will make a detailed investigation of the situation to analyze the reason and possible recruitment of more resource Core Support.

The aim of the service provided by the Core Team in the first instance will always be to provide a prompt and effective service to clients in their specific need, the way we do it will be through a mechanism of knowledge transfer on-site staff how to solve the problem , this in order that knowledge rests with the local resource.