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In Issabel we found the best option for most businesses that require IP telephone solution of high technology.

Not only is it possible to obtain the benefits of a high-tech center, but through the same savings are achieved in the hardware investment close to 65% below the commercial products on the market and a saving of 100% cost of licensing the product.

Companies that are using this technology are able to reduce their international call costs about 70% and the cost of your calls with regional or international offices at 100%.

One of the most important benefits you get with our solution is to provide all company internal communications tools they need to improve or significantly enhance communication channels with this contributes significantly to reach business goals or operating the business.

Main characteristics obtained by the solution:  
Transfers, Conferences, Group ringing, diverted or Conditional Permanent, Call Overflow, Queue Service, Virtual Conference Rooms, Do Not Disturb, Voice Mail, Customizing Voice Mail, IVR, Schedule Conditions, Return Call.
Provides the ability to receive voice mails and faxes within the company’s e-mail, thereby reducing the cost of paper. Mensajería Unificada es una realidad para su negocio...
Optionally provides the ability to record on demand or permanently all calls made from one or a group of telephone extensions of the PBX at no additional cost even have the ability to record all calls of different service queues or virtual conference rooms. Grabación de Llamadas
Provides full details of all calls received or made from the cental with the ability to screen calls through different parameters set by the same user. All these reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format for distribution to stakeholders. Bitácora de Llamadas
Provides full detail service queues using predefined metrics used to analyze levels of service are being provided to customers through the queues created in the Central Service. Reportes Estadísticos
Provides the ability to manage all the resources of the telephone exchange through any Web browser that supports Java, allowing their management from mobile devices such as iPad or Laptops, or from any personal computer. Its Web interface allows access to administration screens can be provided with the respective security mechanisms to anywhere in the world where the person goes. Control Web Completo y Monitoreo en Tiempo Real
It provides a mechanism completely free and online to update the packages installed that allows the installed product can be maintained in the latest versions of the product without implying a new investment for the company. The possibility of having a product that you will never be obsolete again without that meaning a cost to the company is a feature of much value over time. Actualizaciones Gratuitas y en Línea
As part of the deployment project includes a master training on the functionality of phones that are installed and all the management options of the resources offered. This training will enable the company, if desired, assign maintenance and support internal support department and thus avoided having to pay sums of money for maintenance and support.
Why ITSales? More than four years of experience in implementing IP telephony solutions based on Asterisk, we are the best option for your company, we differ in:
  • The knowledge and experience in technology infrastructure of our human personality.
  • Experience and Knowledge Integration with Nortel, 3Com, Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Cisco.
  • Empowering the end customer in the use and development of the technology solution in all areas of the organization.
  • Opening wide on the integration of the solution or information management systems that provide additional added value to customers.
  • Transactional IVR solutions for integrating telephony solution with management systems such as ERP and CRM platforms to support Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Direct relationships with hardware vendors and international telephone services that allow us to offer comprehensive, Garnati conditions and low cost to our customers
Our product is definitely the solution your company requires, go ahead and write or to make a product demonstration and all the benefits your company or organization can have with this technological solution. Contact us